Why invest in Philippine real estate?

1. Stable property appreciation (about 10% per year), and the rental return rate is as high as 6-10%;

2. Investing in real estate, you can apply for family immigration SRRV by the way;

3. The real estate has no shared area, and the housing rate is 100%;

4. International metropolis, affordable housing prices, delivery with decoration;

5. The official language is English, suitable for studying abroad, as a springboard to European and American countries;

6. The climate is mild and suitable for retirement.

What are the advantages of real estate in the Philippines?

1. Easy to apply for retirement certificate and freehold property

2. House prices in the Philippines are more affordable than domestic ones

3. Philippine real estate is basically decorated

4. The unit price of an apartment in the Philippines does not include the share area

5. Housing prices in the Philippines are rising

6. Future development of the Philippines


Makati is the financial center of the Philippines and the country's highest-density distribution center for international and local companies. Major banks, companies, department stores and foreign embassies are all located in Makati. The Philippine Stock Exchange is also located on Ayala Avenue, known as Wall Street in the Philippines, with heavy traffic. Makati is also known as the cultural and entertainment center of Metro Manila.


The full name of the BGC Special Zone is Bonifacio Global City. It covers an area of about 308 hectares. Most of the land in the zone is held by the top developer AYALA LAND in the Philippines. BGC is about 3 kilometers away from Makati CBD, the financial district of Manila. The BGC special zone has been fully developed by the government and AyalaLand Group since 2003 and has been completed after 14 years of construction. In 2008, many corporate headquarters (such as IBM, Oracle, etc.), the Singapore Embassy, and BPO customer service centers decided to move to BGC. In 2016, the 60-storey Shangri-La Hotel (Shangri-La) and Grand Hyatt Hotel (GrandHyatt) were successively operated. In addition, Ascott has three five-star international hotels located in BGC.


Metro Manila, the capital, is the first choice for buyers when investing in the Philippines. As one of the cities in Metro Manila, Pasay City (Pasay City) real estate investment also wants to have a name! Pasay City is located in the southwest of Manila. It has developed into a city during the American colonial era and is now one of the most popular investment areas for Chinese buyers.

Why choose Pasay City to invest in real estate?

1. Convenient transportation and easy going out

2. The location of important government departments, the city has great potential for development

3. Entertainment center, rich cultural life

4. Stable housing price ratio, investment peace of mind

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