The Philippines' medical care is in a leading position in Southeast Asia, and some hospitals are still world-leading in some areas

Due to advanced technology and cheaper medical prices than European and American countries, the Philippines' medical tourism market has always been among the best in the world, second only to Singapore and Malaysia, and ranked sixth in the world, especially for cardiothoracic surgery. It receives a large number of European and American patients every year. surgery.

Private tertiary hospitals in Manila, such as The Medical City and St. Luke's Medical Center, have outstanding performance in the fields of cardiovascular and neuroscience, and have passed the international JCIA—— That is, the global health care gold standard certification. It is said that only 19 hospitals in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have passed this certification.

Analysis of Philippine Medical Insurance System

The Philippines currently implements the system of paying social security (intelli care)-free of charge in public hospitals, but there is an additional charge for the purchase of medicines, and a medical separation system is implemented. Therefore, people who usually live in the Philippines for a long time will also purchase medical insurance in addition to social security.

After the diagnosis in the hospital, the doctor will issue a medicine order for you, and then the patient can take the medicine order to the pharmacy to buy the medicine. Generally, they will choose to go to the local chain pharmacy to buy the medicine. It has a red sign and can be seen everywhere, just like in China. 711 convenience store.

All people working in the Philippines have to pay for medical insurance, which is the same as paying for social insurance in China. Therefore, many people may have a misunderstanding. Is the health condition of working in the Philippines not guaranteed? In fact, working and living in the Philippines are still guaranteed, and the social security system is relatively standardized.

Private hospitals in the Philippines: advanced technology and high standard

1. Advanced medical equipment

We have also mentioned that the Philippines is the world's largest exporter of nurses and has the ability to train outstanding medical personnel. The Philippines also does not lack hospitals with advanced medical equipment. Private hospitals have the world's top-level medical equipment.

At present, the Philippines receives a large number of patients from Europe and the United States who go to the Philippines for medical treatment every year. Among them, the heart bypass surgery is the most famous. It is not only technically professional, but also highly qualified.

The private hospitals in the Philippines are also very advantageous in terms of the cost that everyone is most concerned about. Compared with many countries in Europe and the United States, under the premise of having the same level of technology, choosing a private hospital in the Philippines can definitely save you a lot of money.

Therefore, in recent years, the medical tourism industry in the Philippines has gradually prospered, because it can not only provide professional medical technology, lower costs, and excellent nursing services for medical personnel, but also benefit from the pleasant country itself. The natural environment provides the therapist with a good environment conducive to rehabilitation and cultivation of the body and mind.

2. Doctors with high professional standards

In the Philippines, most doctors have studied in top medical schools around the world and have professional qualifications.

The Philippines itself is also a very good cradle for the training of medical personnel. For example, the St. Thomas School, one of the four prestigious schools in the Philippines, is a very professional medical training school, and every year it trains many medical students into social work.

At the same time, the qualifications for practicing doctors in the Philippines are very strict, and they must undergo professional training before they start their jobs. Many Philippine doctors have also obtained professional certification abroad.

Top 10 Hospitals in the Philippines

1. St. Luke’s Medical Center-Global City

2. University of Santo. Tomas Hospital

3. Asian Hospital and Medical Center

4. Manila Doctors Hospital, Chongde General Hospital

5. Metropolitan Hospital

6. Makati Medical Center

7. The Medical City (TMC)

8. World Citi Medical Center

9. Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center

10. Philippine General Hospital (public hospital)

In addition to the Philippine General Hospital of the ten hospitals, the other nine are all private hospitals. On the whole, the medical level of private hospitals in the Philippines is relatively leading.

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