The Philippines, composed of 7107 islands, is rich in natural resources, has a long history, and has a unique and diverse culture. It is a country full of exotic and multi-ethnic people. The St. Augustine Church is simple and majestic, the Malacanang Palace is fresh and beautiful, the Lohes promenade is surrounded by modern high-rise buildings on one side, and the vast sea on the other. There are also Banaue mountain terraces, Baguio, which is like autumn all year round, and a historical city. Cebu, etc., bring people a full enjoyment. And the island is like a paradise, fresh and beautiful, pristine and pollution-free. Every time tourists set foot on an island, there will be new discoveries and they will not be disappointed. Of course, the Philippines also has the longest Christmas season in the world, an unparalleled gourmet feast, and ethnic handicrafts. It is a rare holiday destination for people who love to travel.


Boracay is an island in the central part of the Philippines. It belongs to the Western Visayas and is located 2 kilometers northwest of Panay Island. It is one of the tourist attractions in the Philippines.

The beauty of Boracay, like its name, is a seven-kilometer-long silver beach. In the early morning, I walked out of a small hotel and sat under a coconut tree. The cool sea breeze sent bursts of jasmine fragrance. The tide has quietly receded under the night starry sky, the silver sandy beach reveals a broad breast, and there are slender coconut shadows swaying on it, the footprints of the industrious cleaners raking the sandy ground, and the early risers picking up shells.

Boracay, once known as one of the seven beautiful beaches in the world, is a long and narrow island. Since its development in the late 1970s, it is still an attractive resort in Southeast Asia. Every peak season, tourists who long for sunshine and blue seas come from all over the world to enjoy a leisure holiday full of surprise and joy. Relax yourself for a relaxing massage on the beach. The island has never lacked masseurs to provide massage services by the beach.


Dumaguete is the fifth largest island in the Philippines-Negros Island, and is the capital of Negros Oriental Province. The city is not big. In addition to Siliman University, the oldest American university in Asia, there are also many universities such as East Negros State University, so it is called the "University City". There are a few generalizations in the online introduction that are quite vivid: "Compared with the noisy and noisy Cebu (the second largest city in the Philippines), Dumaguete not only has an idyllic leisure, but also has a strong book atmosphere. The Xanadu is perfectly integrated in this small city, which is one of the reasons why a large number of Westerners settle here. It has not been ruined by a large number of tourists, it is quiet, slow-paced, and has a feeling of Chiang Mai. From here, you can go to Oslob to watch whales. You can see it by snorkeling! From the perspective of diving, this is a paradise for underwater photographers.


Island hopping and snorkeling is one of the best places in the world. There are at least 4 full-day routes to see different things, especially shipwrecks. Not very suitable for scuba diving, but very suitable for snorkeling and experience diving.

The natural ecology of the island is intact. It attracts more and more tourists to this Amazonian jungle inland area with nature and adventure, and it is the last ecological virgin land in the Philippines.


Baguio city is located in the north of Manila, the capital of the Philippines, and west of Luzon Island. It is a mountain city among the mountains. The climate is cool, the scenery is beautiful, and it is known as the "Summer Capital". Baguio is a famous tourist resort located at the northern tip of Luzon Island in the Philippines, 250 kilometers north of Manila. It is the summer capital of the Philippines. The cool climate and beautiful mountain views make Baguio a favorite attraction for artists, couples and other people who desire to enjoy the cool and secluded scenery. The terraced Banaue, listed as one of the world’s eight major heritage sites, is here.


Chocolate Hills is a natural wonder near Carmen in the middle of Bohol Island, Philippines. The Chocolate Mountain is composed of 1,268 cone-shaped hills with a height between 40 and 120 meters. They are green in the rainy season, but in the dry season, these "haystacks" will dry up and turn brown, like rows of chocolates arranged on the ground. This is where the name Chocolate Mountain comes from.

There is also a legend about the formation of these hills. There were two giants who continued to fight for many days and threw stones at each other. When they were finally exhausted, they made up and left the island, but left a chaotic fight scene.
Another legend is more romantic. The giant Aragorn fell in love with the most beautiful local girl Alaya. When Alaya was bathing in the river before getting married, Aragorn couldn't help taking the girl home. Unfortunately, the appearance of the giant frightened the girl, and Alaya died of a heart attack. The poor giant was so sad that he was crying alive, so his tears turned into the Chocolate Mountain, and his body turned into the Bruno Man Mountain surrounding the Chocolate Mountain.

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